Thursday, March 23, 2017

The Key to Healthy Eating- Make Small Changes a Little at a Time

 My breakfast today!
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It can be overwhelming to make a huge lifestyle change.   

Years ago, I wanted to make changes with my food intake and I remember being overwhelmed and not being able to afford healthy food. 

Then I decided that I could make small changes a little at a time. 

I want to encourage you to make a list of the changes that you would like to make toward a healthier lifestyle regarding your diet. 

Then make one small change at a time. Continue to add small changes one at a time every so often.

Before you know it, you will be eating healthier.

It is only expensive if you buy healthy groceries in a addition to all of the processed foods/ other foods that you also buy. 

The key is to replace something with a healthy option.     

 Happy healthy eating! 

Diane Davidson Gammon MS is clinically supervised by Michael Loftis LCSW as she pursues  LPC-MHSP licensure.

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