Wednesday, March 15, 2017

Juicing and Smoothies- A Great Way To Get Raw Veggies And Other Nutrients Down!

Juicing and blending both offer nutritional benefits. 

I usually juice raw organic carrots, celery, and broccoli and then squeeze a lemon in it. 

Sometimes I juice a pineapple or an apple to make it sweet. I make a few cups for the day and then I turn at least one into a smoothie. 

(Picture shows the drink on the right turned into a smoothie.)

I add frozen and fresh fruit and especially berries to turn my veggie juice into a smoothies. This is to make sure that I consume the seeds of the berries.

I then add a small portion of the same veggies to consume some of the fiber from the veggies as well. I also add veggies that are difficult to juice like Spinach. Smoothies are a great way to get many nutrients.

However, juicing provides optimum health benefits that "blending smoothies' cannot provide.  

Juicing helps you absorb all the nutrients from the vegetables.  

Next, I add other nutrients that I want to consume but that do not taste well alone or just in water. 

So, I sneak them into my smoothie.

I add Turmeric drops, Vitamin D drops, Ginger Root Powder, Ground Flaxseeds, Soaked Chia Seeds, Hemp Powder, Alma Powder, Iron drops, Cranberry Powder, and more. I often switch them up alternating what I add in on different weeks.

I usually eat raw organic almonds with my smoothie for more protein.

You can start out small with just the basics of juicing carrots and a green veggie and then add more when you can.  

Juicing and blending raw organic fruits and vegetables can aid in healing and preventing diseases!

Happy Juicing and Blending! For Your Health!
 Disclaimer- I am not a doctor and I am not giving out medical advice. My blogs are for information and inspirational purposes. Please consult your doctor before starting a new health regimen. 

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