Wednesday, February 7, 2018

A Craftsman At Work

In some ways God’s work of sanctification might be like painting a house.

The painter prepares the exterior by power washing away the mold, mildew, dust, dirt, and loose paint.  But the surface is not yet ready.  The painter must scrap away the remaining loose paint and sand the surface.

But even then the painter may still have more work to do. He may prime the surface, fill holes, replace rotten wood, and caulk as needed.  All the while going over every square inch of the surface looking for details that need to be corrected.

The painter then applies a coat of paint.  He waits until it is dry, and then he applies another coat of paint, making it fit for the owner of the house.

God washes us clean with the blood of His son.  And like a meticulous craftsman, He proceeds to go over every square inch of our lives, identifying problems and sins, correcting, smoothing our rough edges, clothing us in love and glory, making us fit for the kingdom of God.

With some of His projects, God is on pace to finish quickly. With others, God takes His time finishing and refinishing until He refines us according to His plan.  

 By a contributing blogger, David Mueller 

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