Saturday, April 8, 2017

Life After Tragedy- My Personal Story of Loss and Healing

Today marks the 22nd anniversary of when one of my daughters was born and died an hour and a half later. She was born too soon. 

My appendix had ruptured several days prior and I had so much gangrene in my body, my baby didn't have a fighting chance.  

Cammie Rose remains in my heart and spirit as much as she did decades ago. 

I attended a support group for a year after I lost Cammie. It was the only place that I could talk about her and my feelings and be understood. 

I also suffered 5 miscarriages.

A couple years prior to losing Cammie Rose in April, I lost my mother to pancreas cancer. I was in my late 20's.

I took care of my mother 24/ 7 the last month of her life and she died in my arms. After losing my mom- I sought another support group. 

I am healed of these losses and I have a passion to offer support groups as a mental health counselor.

I enjoy using my experiences and passions to help others attain hope and healing. 

I offer free monthly support groups for Grief and Loss (Including Miscarriage and Infant Loss) every 3rd Tuesday evening.

While these are FREE, registration is required before each meeting.

Please Join me for a free support group for Grief and Loss this month on the 18th. 

It can be a loss of any kind. I am writing about infant loss to include it. But the support group is for any loss.

The loss of a pregnancy-- is a great loss --- no matter how far along a mother was in her pregnancy. 

Some people do not understand this and therefore, they are not able to be supportive. 

There is support available.

Groups are on-going and open-group
to help anyone who has suffered a loss or has been affected by a loss

           Grief and Loss Support Groups

 Every 3rd Tuesday evening of each month

Support Groups are FREE
However- Registration is Required

Contact Diane Gammon by calling or texting (615) 556-8406 or email Diane at 
to register

You can attain hope and healing!

Diane received her Master of Science Degree in Clinical Mental Health Counseling from Walden University with a specialization in Trauma and Crisis Counseling.

Diane is under the clinical supervision of Michael Loftis L.C.S.W. as she pursues professional licensure as a LPC-MHSP. 

Diane is a thriving survivor of 5 miscarriages as well as losing an infant daughter and her mother to cancer.
She uses her personal experiences 
of hope and helping 
along with her education and counseling abilities 
to help others 
who have suffered such a loss.  

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Blog By 
                Diane Davidson Gammon M.S.
             Clinical Mental Health Counselor 
              Diane is clinically supervised 
                 by Michael Loftis LCSW

 Open Full-Time Days - Monday through Saturday
With Evening Appointments

Sliding Scale Fee for Individual Counseling Sessions 

Free Support Groups for: Depression, Anxiety, Panic, Hopelessness, Trauma, PTSD, Abuse, and Grief and Loss (Including Miscarriage/ Stillbirth/ Infant loss)

In Precious Memory of Cammie Rose and Darlene Kay


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