Saturday, July 21, 2018

A First Counseling Appointment- What To Expect

Have you ever wondered about trying counseling? 

If you have been to a counselor then you know what to expect. If not, let me help explain it a little.

At first, there are in-take papers that you would need to fill out and sign. This is to give the counselor your consent for counseling. Other papers needed might be personal information about yourself, how you plan to pay, and the reason(s) that had brought you to counseling.

For me, after the ‘business’ part of the intake, I would begin a counseling session with trying right away to build a positive rapport with my client.

I would do this by making some kind of small talk with my client. I would then try and make my client feel safe with me by the way that I approached them and with being warm and genuine when I spoke to them.

I explain to my clients that what they discuss with me is confidential except for a few exceptions. They are: if they were a minor, if they said that they wanted to harm themselves or someone else, any abuse or neglect of a minor, person with a disability or an elderly person is suspected, or if information was ordered by a judge.

If I didn’t already know, I would ask a new client what brought them in. Then I would ask some in-take questions to help me to be able to help them better. 

Remember that talking to others when you are hurting can be very helpful!

If there is something that you do not understand at your first counseling session, ask your counselor questions about what is not clear to you.

A counselor can help you and provide you with coping skills so that you can help yourself better through difficult times. 

Seeking mental health help is honorable and admirable. 

There is always hope! 

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 By Diane Davidson Gammon MS
Clinical Mental Health Counselor 

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Disclaimer- I am not a doctor and I am not giving out medical advice. My blogs are for information and inspirational purposes. Please consult your doctor before starting a new health regimen.

Diane Davidson Gammon Arnold MS is clinically supervised by Michael Loftis LCSW as she pursues  LPC-MHSP licensure

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