Monday, January 9, 2017

Positive Self-Worth- Where To Get It!

Do you get your self- worth and how you feel about yourself by how others see you? 

Do you start to feel bad about yourself when other people have a low opinion of you?  

Do you base your self-esteem on if you feel rejected by others?

Your self- worth and self- esteem needs to come from YOU and how YOU see yourself, from how others see you. 

What matters is how you see yourself and how God sees you. God loves you and he wants you to know this and to love yourself.

Other people cannot meet your needs that only YOU and God can fulfill!

Learn to love and accept yourself- and if there is something that you do not like about yourself, work on making positive changes....but start loving yourself and valuing who you are!

Be true to yourself and who you are- on what makes YOU- YOU! And.... be proud of who you are. 

Do not base your self- worth on the opinions of others!

Have Hope! Renew Health! and...........

           By Diane Davidson Gammon M.S. 
          Clinical Mental Health Counselor    
       Clinically Supervised by Michael Loftis LCSW

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